Lathe Guarding Is Easy With This Kit

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Complete lathe guarding kit

Ferndale Safety’s lathe guarding kit makes it easy to safeguard your old machine.

MONTREAL (August 30, 2022)– Ferndale Safety, a North American leader in machine guarding, has developed an online tool to choose the right safety guarding for lathes quickly and easily.  The kit will instantly convert any old lathe into a modern safeguarded lathe for as little as $2,204.

A full kit includes the lead screw cover, an electrically interlocked shield for the chuck, and a chip shield with an optional interlock switch.  Alternatively, customers can purchase each component separately if their lathe is already partially safeguarded.

The Ferndale Safety lathe kits withstand industrial environments and are resistant to metal shavings, welding sparks, cutting oils, and abrasives.  The lead screw cover is a para-aramid material with a flame retardant coating as per NFG 07 184: 1985.

To help customers safeguard their whole lathe, Ferndale Safety now offers 15% off lathe guarding kits for a limited time.  Use their website’s keyword “15% off” to find the deal.

ABOUT FERNDALE SAFETY – Ferndale Safety is a North American leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing machine safety solutions.  They continuously invest in engineering new products to keep workers safe on machinery.  For more information on Ferndale Safety’s products and services, visit or follow us on Facebook.