About John Spik:

John Spik is a machine safety specialist with Ferndale Safety, a leader in industrial safety specializing in on-site safety enhancements of machinery and safety engineering. He has worked with Ferndale Safety since 2008, starting his career in CNC electromechanics. He has dedicated the last ten years to helping workers stay safe through machine safety.

John gained experience in machine safety through training, interaction with hundreds of safety managers, and being a "boots on the ground" machine guarding installation technician. He has seen machine shops across almost every state and province in the USA and Canada, gaining valuable experience.

John's youth was spent working on the family farm, where he learned his passion for electrical and mechanical engineering. He has a degree in electromechanics as well as computer information systems. He is a machine safety expert, an electromechanics and machine repair technician, a full-stack web developer, and a marketing technologist.

His completed work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses his "jack of all trades" roots. John lives in New Brunswick, Canada, with his wife and family.

You can contact him via email at [email protected].
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Phone: 514-326-1243