Ferndale Safety Fuels Winning Streak for Picotti Racing/Perry Performance Team

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Ferndale Safety Racing Team 2023

Ferndale Safety, a pioneering leader in machine safety solutions across North America, is adding speed to its repertoire as it champions the Picotti Racing / Perry Performance team in the thrilling world of car racing.

Ferndale Safety has announced its sponsorship of Marc-André Bourdages, a skillful car racer hailing from Saint-Colomban, Quebec. Bourdages is noted for his impressive driving skills and sporting prowess behind the wheel of Car No. 6, a 2015 Honda Civic Si (FB6).

The partnership started spectacularly as Bourdages clinched the first-place spot at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières in the Super Production Challenge series in the “Production” class. This triumph testifies to Ferndale Safety’s ethos of safety and performance synergy with Bourdages’ racing acumen and Picotti Racing/Perry Performance’s meticulous vehicle preparations.

Speaking on the collaboration, Pierre Maheu, president of Ferndale Safety, expressed excitement, “Our commitment to safety, precision, and top-tier performance aligns perfectly with the racing world. We’re thrilled to sponsor Marc-André Bourdages and the Picotti Racing / Perry Performance team. They truly embody the spirit of excellence, and we look forward to contributing to their winning streak.”

Bourdages, the seasoned driver of Car No. 6, was equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “Ferndale Safety is a reputable name in their industry, renowned for their quality and reliability. To have them on board is not just a boost of confidence, but an assurance that safety and performance go hand in hand,” he stated.

Bourdages’ Honda Civic Si (FB6) 2015, meticulously maintained by the Picotti Racing / Perry Performance team, parallels Ferndale Safety’s commitment to technological excellence and reliability. This alliance is expected to bring an exciting era of consistent victories and driving innovation.

Ferndale Safety racing team, Marc-Andre, winner of the GP3R Production-class winnter.

As Ferndale Safety continues to make strides in its field, its venture into the thrilling sphere of car racing proves its commitment to fostering talent, promoting safety, and supporting industries that demand high performance and precision. This sponsorship is undoubtedly an exciting new chapter for all parties involved, and fans eagerly await the races to come.

Stay tuned for more thrilling news about Ferndale Safety and their adventure on the race tracks with Marc-André Bourdages and the Picotti Racing / Perry Performance team.

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Racecar: Yami Lefebvre
Trophy: Ferndale Safety