DISCONTINUED: Press Brake Guarding System – Light Curtain System

Introducing the Merlin 4000 press brake guarding system, the most advanced and versatile solution designed to retrofit older installations and fit seamlessly into new ones.

Ferndale Safety does not sell or support this product, and it has been discontinued.  Please browse our catalog to find other excellent machine safety products that you might be interested in.

SKU: M4000

The Merlin 4000 Press Brake Guarding System

Upgrade your press brake guarding system with the advanced Merlin 4000. With a rugged 7-inch touchscreen-based HMI Controller, this system offers step-by-step operator prompting messages.

The system operates with ISB’s MX light curtain columns, 14 mm or 22 mm detection capability, and a maximum of 10 meters of coverage. With a built-in light curtain muting using two external inputs, the Merlin 4000 is designed to ensure maximum safety during use.

Press brakes are difficult to guard, but the Merlin 4000 offers a unique solution. The system’s MERLIN concept, pioneered by ISB, can learn each flange profile while making your initial sample part and automatically create a window exactly the proper size required for each specific cycle. This opening may change from stroke to stroke automatically, completely determined by our processor, not your operator or set-up personnel.


  • Compact, easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Unlimited job storage with job sharing
  • Each job can have 99 steps
  • USB and Ethernet networking capability
  • Password protection setup and supervisor levels
  • Easy on-screen teaching of part flanges using the remote foot switch
  • On-screen diagnostics/troubleshooting

Press Brake Guarding System Components

What’s included?

  1. Merlin 4000 HMI
  2. Merlin 4000 interface wiring box
  3. Light curtain emitter
  4. Light curtain detector

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