Intercom for Sneeze Guard and Plexiglas Barrier


The intercom system allows much better communication between two sides of sneeze shields, plexiglass barriers, and order windows.  Available in a Bluetooth version for even better communications capability.

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The VoiceBridge intercom system for sneeze guards helps companies to keep communication at cash registers and information desks clear and understandable even with protective measures, safety distance, hygienic walls, and protective masks. How many times have you found yourself shouting at a cashier or bank teller so that they could hear you? Retailers stand out from the competition in terms of advice, service, and security.

Use this product with our line of COVID-19 sneeze guards.

VoiceBridge Intercom for Sneeze Guards

We designed the VoiceBridge sets for helping people understand each other during the pandemic. The Bluetooth version is especially suitable for all situations where staff often moves around the workplace. To make communication as understandable as possible in any environment despite protective masks, safety distance, and protective walls, we have equipped the VoiceBridge with the latest technology.


  1. Mounting – How do I attach the VoiceBridge Intercom on sneeze guards?  The VoiceBridge is equipped with highly adhesive mirror tape. Therefore, please test the best position before you attach the two microphone units.
  2. Positioning – Where do I attach the VoiceBridge on a sneeze guard?  Mount the VoiceBridge at head height: The clarity is better the closer staff or customers are to the microphone. If the speaker is standing, the VoiceBridge should be placed higher than if the speaker is sitting. The microphones are located on the bottom right, which is why the attachment slightly left of the head is recommended.
  3. How long does the battery of the Bluetooth headset last? The battery life is about 11 hours in continuous operation. The standby time is about 60 hours and the headset will be fully charged via USB cable in about 2 hours.

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