Brake for Single Phase Motor

Bench Grinder Brake – Stop Your Grinder Fast!


Electronically stops your bench grinder from coasting for long periods of time.  Reduce your stop time from minutes to just seconds with this bench grinder brake.


Bench Grinder Brake Prevents Grinder Wheel From Coasting to Stop

The bench grinder brake is an electronic device that stops your machine in seconds rather than minutes due to flywheel forces.  Do you turn off your bench grinder and leave only to find that it is still turning when you return?  Having any machine coast for a long time presents a safety hazard.  People walking by could get injured because the machine is unattended and it’s hard to see that the wheels are still spinning.

Easy To Setup

Installation is a breeze!  Your machine plugs in directly into the MakeSafe bench grinder brake and in turn it is plugged directly into the wall outlet.

Electronic Brake for Bench Grinders Overview Diagram

Don’t Forget: Safety Guards

Don’t forget to make sure that your shields are in good condition and properly adjusted.  In addition to your bench grinder brake make sure to pick up a pair of shields here: Bench Grinder Safety Shields


Input Voltage: 120 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz
Rated HP: 1.5HP
Rated Current: 15A

What’s Included

  • The Power Tool Brake
  • 3-Button Control Panel
  • Product Manual, Adjustment Tool, & Adjustment Hole Plugs

Product Variations

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

120V, 1.5HP, Single Phase, 240V, 3HP, Single Phase, 240V, 5HP, Three Phase

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