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Custom-Made Safeguarding for a Small Lathe

A private railway commissioned Ferndale Safety to safeguard a small King Industrial lathe.

Northern Canada

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Project Requirements

  • Cover the whole bed area, including the chuck, toolpost, cross slide, and the part to be machined.
  • Cover the rotating lead screw.
  • Include a safety interlock that disables the machine when the guard is open.
  • Allow lots of light to enter for visibility.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Lathe Safeguarding Features

Big Polycarbonate or Safety Glass Windows

We made big see-through windows to allow for maximum visibility. We even added a big window on top to allow natural light to come through from the window behind the lathe.

This customer chose laminated safety glass instead of polycarbonate. Safety glass resists burning and pitting and is easier to clean.

Safety Interlock Switch

A safety interlock switch prevents machine operation if the safety guard is open. This prevents operators from using the machine without a guard, either intentionally or accidentally.

The guard flipped open towards the back, allowing full access to all parts for set up.

One-Piece Steel Frame

The customer opted for a one-piece design instead of having a separate chuck guard and chip shield. The guard protected the chuck, the point of operation, and any rotating components.

A cut-out on the bottom allows the toolpost and tooling to move freely.

Flip-Open Design for Maximum Accessibility

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