Safety Guard Fabrication & Installation

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Ferndale Safety prides itself on being one of the few safety companies that perform on-site machine safeguarding installation. In addition, we provide engineering and consultation services, custom guarding fabrication, and we have an inventory of off-the-shelf safety products that are ready to install.


We have a fantastic team of field installation technicians that have been with us for many years. Our technicians are experts in electrical control systems, machine safety as well as mechanical expertise.


We travel anywhere across the USA and Canada. We have a mobile workshop that we deploy to the job site which has everything we need to finish the job.


We send a safety specialist to your facilities to analyze any safety deficiencies. Our machine safety audits and quotes are always free. We only charge a small fee for travel expenses.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers. We are passionate about delivering outstanding service.

  1. We send our safety specialist to your facilities to do a machine-by-machine analysis and record anything that could be improved. Our specialist is not a salesperson but an experienced technician that has done safety guarding installation and is very familiar with the different varieties of machinery.
  2. Our specialist will also talk with machine operators and get a feel for how they use the machines to do their work. Doing it this way will allow us to choose the right guarding product that does not interfere with production. It is crucial to get the operators involved from the beginning. The whole project will go much smoother if everybody is in the loop.
  3. There may be some situations where we don’t have an off-the-shelf product that will be a good fit. In these cases, we may need to design and build special safety guards. Our safety specialist will record any preliminary information that will be handed to our design and engineering department.
  4. Depending on the size of the project, we will send you the finalized quote, along with any custom design drawings within 3-14 days. The quote and on-site visits are always free. We only charge a small fee for our safety specialist’s travel fees.
  5. Each machine is itemized in our quote and has the installation fees as an optional line item. This way, if you choose to do some of the work in-house, you will be able to know what to order.

Engineering & Design

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers provides customized guarding solutions if off-the-shelf products don’t work. We can design and manufacture custom safety guards, shields, cages, and fences. We can design, fabricate, and program automated safety systems if requested to do so. See our “Projects” page to see some examples of our work.


Our highly trained and skilled machine guarding installation technicians will complete the installation efficiently and on time. They will be in close communication with you throughout the project. Our installation technicians will also provide training to the machine operators and maintenance staff on the usage of the newly installed guarding solutions.

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