Installation Guide: Model FB/FBB, FA/FAB

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This installation guide applies for the following models:

Tools & Material Required

Tools required for installation (Not Included):

  • Drill
  • #7 or 13/64” drill bit
  • ¼-20 tap, tap wrench, and hex bolts
  • Set of metric and SAE hex keys

For an electrical connection, you may need one or more of the following (Not Included).

  • Wire strippers
  • Utility knife
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hole saw or step drill
  • Cable glands
  • Cable connectors

Please make sure that you have everything included with your shipment. Remove all packing material from the arm assembly and shield.

You should have:
1x Arm assembly (Varies with model)
1x Aluminum cast mounting bracket (Pre-assembled with arm assembly)
1x Polycarbonate screen assembly (Varies with model)

Installation Guide

With one hand, place mounting bracket flush and level on the machine.  The bracket should be 20” to 30” behind spindle and on the ram.  The exact positioning is not necessary as the safety guard will be later adjusted—Mark the four mounting holes with a marker and punch.  Drill and tap the four holes using a #7 drill bit and ¼-20” tap.  Mount the bracket by inserting four ¼-20” bolts through the holes provided in the mounting bracket.  Use bolts long enough to enter the machine casing at least ½”.  Use the four long set screws provided on the mounting bracket to level it horizontally and perpendicular to the machine.

Install the arm assembly by sliding it on the mounting bracket.  Position the arm and tighten the two set screws underneath the arm to set it in place.  Adjust the arm by using the adjustment points to position the arm more or less like the photo in figure 2.  Mount the polycarbonate screen by sliding the screens mounting rings over the silver arm mounting shaft.  The shields have four or more set screws to set the shield to the silver shaft.  NOTE: Before permanently tightening the set screws, make sure that you have turned the shaft fully clockwise, and you have performed all final adjustments.

Adjustment points on milling machine guard

Figure 2

Arrows show the adjustment points on these guards. Loosen the screws in these locations to move the arm. Make sure that the safety guard is clear of any automatic table movements, and any control levers and switches.

Electrical Connection