TC | Standard Lathe Chip Shield


  • Mounted at the back of the carriage.
  • Can be lifted and pushed away for setup.
  • Available with powerful LED work lights and laminated glass as options.

See description below for additional sizing information.


Product Features

  • Heavy duty safety guard to be mounted on lathe’s carriage
  • Protects operator from chips and coolant at the cutting area of the machine
  • Highly durable construction with high visibility polycarbonate shield
  • Swings freely from side to side or may be locked in place
  • Available in standard rear mounting or front mounting configurations
  • Electrically interlocked for added safety with ample wiring included
  • May be installed on the cross slide to provide movement in two-axis directions
  • Available with optional coolant nozzle attachment.

Sizing Information


TC-1400mm (16″)200mm (8″)140mm (6″)315mm (12″)300mm (12″)600mm (24″)
TC-2570mm (23″)260mm (10″)200mm (8″)365mm (15″)350mm (14″)600mm (24″)
TC-3660mm (26″)360mm (14″)300mm (12″)350mm (14″)450mm (18″)700mm (28″)

Easy Installation

Installation hardware and tools not included.  We offer a separate installation kit that includes tools and hardware necessary for installation of this safety product.

You can buy the installation kit by clicking on the following link: Click here for the installation kit for this guard.

Product Variations

TC model

TC-1, TC-2, TC-3


With interlock, No interlock

Screen type

Polycarbonate, Laminated glass