• FBB Milling Guard

FBB – Fast Access Milling Machine Chip Shield


This milling machine chip shield is especially useful for production work.  It opens easily and quickly by simply lifting the screen up.  Not only can it move up and down but the screen swings open and the whole arm assembly swings away, allowing perfect access to the table and quill for setup.
Lathe safety shield dimensions


About our Milling Machine Chip Shields

A complaint we often hear is that it takes a long time to open the milling machine chip shield.  Ferndale Safety has designed a special safety guard that will have you making more parts and opening guards faster.  This safety guard features a zero force counterbalance, allowing you to move the screen up with just one finger.  This is the big brother of our best selling milling machine chip shield: the model FB milling machine safety guard.

Product Features

  • Easy installation – Four bolt installation on the ram – Easy leveling system.
  • Interlock system integrates with the electrical system to turn off and disable spindle when guard is open.
  • This milling machine chip shield protects the operator from coolant, chips and any ejections.
  • Many screen sizes to choose from – easy polycarbonate shield replacement.
  • Easy adjustments to fit any machine and work style.

Milling machine safety guard overview.

X: The shaft holds the rotating screen.

Y: Pivot point, the arm can be swung away to allow full access to the table and spindle.

Z: Gas strut to enable swing the screen up and down.

Sizing Information

There are two types of screens available for our milling machine chip shield guards; the half-moon screen and the flat screen types. To size the screen, you need to calculate the width of the milling head near the spindle and add about 80mm (3”) to that measure. This will give you approximately the diameter of the screen (A), in many case you will have to round up to the nearest screen size in the following table.

Left Or Right Mounting Available On Request.

FBB-200H1808″ (200mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-200H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-300H18011 3/4″ (300mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-300H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-350H18013 3/4″ (350mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-350H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-400H18015 3/4″ (400mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-400H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-450H18017 3/4″ (450mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-450H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-500H18019 1/2″ (500mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-500H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-550H18021 1/2″ (550mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-550H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-600H18023 1/2″ (600mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-600H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-600P-Flat23 1/2″ (600mm) – Flat15.75″ (400mm) – Flat
FBB-650H18025 1/2″ (650mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-650H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-700H18027 1/2″ (700mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-700H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-750H18029 1/2″ (750mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-750H2409.5″ (240mm)
FBB-800H18031 1/2″ (800mm)7″ (180mm)
FBB-800H2409.5″ (240mm)

Large, flat safety shield for milling machines.

Note: FBB-600P-Flat —> flat screen 600mm X 400mm.

Easy Installation

Installation hardware and tools not included.  We offer a separate installation kit that includes tools and hardware necessary for installation of this safety product.

You can buy the installation kit by clicking on the following link: Click here for the installation kit for this guard.

Why Have Safety Interlocking?

An electrical safety interlock prevents the machine from operating when the shield is opened.  This safety guard features an electric switch that disables the machine’s motor.  The switch is made in such a way as to prevents easy bypass of the interlock switch.

When we do on-site visits, we often see safety shields moved to the side and never put back on the machine.  An interlock is a simple solution to prevention of safety guard misuse or removal.

Product Variations

Interlock Switch

(2) Interlock Switches Included

Screen Size A

8" (200mm), 11 3/4" (300mm), 13 3/4" (350mm), 15 3/4" (400mm), 17 3/4" (450mm), 19 1/2" (500mm), 21 1/2" (550mm), 23 1/2" (600mm), 23 1/2" (600mm) – Flat, 25 1/2" (650mm), 27 1/2" (700mm), 29 1/2" (750mm), 31 1/2" (800mm)

Screen width B

7" (180mm), 9,5" (240mm), 15.75" (400mm) – Flat