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FA – Telescopic Safety Screens for Milling Machines


This safety screen for milling machines works best with universal swivel heads but can be used on a variety of other machines.  This safety screen is mounted on a safety guard assembly that is easy to install on any milling machine.
Lathe safety shield dimensions


Telescopic Safety Screens for Milling Machines Features

These safety screens are adjustable to any milling machine and work type that you can throw at it.  The screen rotates and has tons of ways to position it.  Great as a chip and coolant shield for any mill or cutting machine.

  • Easy installation – Four bolt installation on the ram – Easy leveling system
  • Interlock system integrates with the electrical system to turn off and disable spindle when guard is open.
  • Positive action safety switches encapsulated inside a steel box enclosure
  • Many screen sizes to choose from – easy polycarbonate shield replacement
  • Easy adjustments to fit any machine and work style

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FBB – Fast Access Milling Machine Chip Shield

Safety Screen Sizing Information

There are two types of safety screens available for milling guards; the half-moon screen and the flat safety screen types. To size the screen, you need to calculate the width of the milling head near the spindle and add about 80mm (3”) to that measure. This will give you approximately the diameter of the screen (A), in many case you will have to round up to the nearest screen size in the following table.

Left Or Right Mounting Available On Request.

FA-200H1808″ (200mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-200H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-300H18011 3/4″ (300mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-300H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-350H18013 3/4″ (350mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-350H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-400H18015 3/4″ (400mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-400H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-450H18017 3/4″ (450mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-450H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-500H18019 1/2″ (500mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-500H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-550H18021 1/2″ (550mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-550H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-600H18023 1/2″ (600mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-600H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-600P-Flat23 1/2″ (600mm)15.75″ (400mm)
FA-650H18025 1/2″ (650mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-650H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-700H18027 1/2″ (700mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-700H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-750H18029 1/2″ (750mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-750H2409.5″ (240mm)
FA-800H18031 1/2″ (800mm)7″ (180mm)
FA-800H2409.5″ (240mm)

Safety screen for milling machines by Ferndale Safety.

Note: FA-600P-Flat —> flat screen 600mm X 400mm.

Product Variations

Interlock Switch

(2) Interlock Switches Included

Screen diameter A

7 3/4'' (200mm), 11 3/4" (300mm), 13 3/4" (350mm), 15 3/4" (400mm), 17 3/4" (450mm), 19 1/2" (500mm), 21 1/2" (550mm), 23 1/2" (600mm), 23 1/2" (600mm) – Flat, 25 1/2" (650mm), 27 1/2" (700mm), 29 1/2" (750mm), 31 1/2" (800mm)

Screen width B

7" (180mm), 9,5" (240mm), 15.75" (400mm) – Flat

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