Machine Safety

On-Site Audits & Quotes

Ferndale Safety offers machine safety audits and inspections. Have our experienced machine safety specialists verify your machinery for safety compliance.

On-Site Safety Audits & Quotes

Ferndale Safety offers machine safety audits and inspections. Have our experienced machine safety specialists verify your machinery for safety compliance.

Do your machines have all the necessary safeguards to keep your workers safe?  Ensuring that your machinery is in line with OSHA regulations and safety standards can become overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of machinery.  Save time and money by getting a safety audit from Ferndale Safety.  We will send a highly trained machine safety expert to inspect each of your machines for safety deficiencies and prepare a detailed quote to bring your machines up to safety standards.

What is a machine safety audit? A machine safety audit is a safety review that identifies safety hazards and improvements that can be made to align with safety standards. A safety audit assesses machinery to identify deficiencies in guarding and worker safety.

We come to you.

Whether by car or plane, we can come to you and see your machinery in person. If you only have a handful of machines, we can also do a remote assessment with the help of photos or videos.

Thorough Assessment

We will check each machine for safety compliance. We will photograph each machine, perform measurements and take notes. We may talk with the machine operators to learn how they use the machines.

Quote & Recommendations

You will get a detailed quote with our recommendations to bring each machine up to safety standards.  You will know if there are any off-the-shelf safety products or if the machine will need custom guarding.

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What do we check?

Our machine safety expert will do a thorough assessment of each machine. We may speak with the operators to get a full picture of how they use the machines so we can recommend the best solution for each machine.

Examples of verifications

  • Does the machine have all the required guards and shields?
  • Is there anti-restart protection?
  • Do we need to add an emergency stop button?
  • Do we need any machine-specific safety features or devices?
  • Are the machines bolted down to the floor?
  • Is there a proper safety perimeter around the machine?
  • Are there any hidden pinch points?

You Get:

You will get a detailed quote with recommendations for each machine we checked. The quote includes Ferndale Safety off-the-shelf or custom-made products you can install yourself or have one of our field installation technicians install for you.

  • We will identify each machine by name and type.
  • Safeguarding recommendations
  • Ferndale Safety product recommendations
  • Electrical safety upgrade recommendations
  • Turn-key installation quote
  • Custom-fabricated guarding recommendations and solutions

Partner with Safety Professionals

It is important to not only make your machines safe, but it is also important not to impede machine functionality or productivity.  Other companies provide safety audits and inspections but only provide a report of recommendations and leave it up to you to figure out how to implement them.  We are a true turn-key provider with tens of thousands of hours of experience with the same machinery you have, not only working on the machinery but also safeguarding them.  We know how you use your machines, so you can rest assured we will recommend the right safety solution.

Ferndale Safety has a team of field installation technicians, an inventory of safety products, and a fully equipped fabrication shop.  We offer peace of mind that our solutions are the best for your machine, your operators, and your business.

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We know you don’t have time to check all your machines for safety compliance. A common cause of serious worker injuries is inadequate machine guarding. Our team of machine safety specialists can help determine if your equipment and machinery meet current safety codes and standards. Contact us to find out how we can help you keep machine operators safe.

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