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Model AR-COIL Lead Screw Guard

Lead Screw Safety Cover for Lathes

Maximum length of each spring coil: 24" - Suitable for small lathes such as Hardinge or Cyclematic.

Model AR COIL - Lathe lead screw metal spring coil cover for lead screw
  • Heavy industrial-duty lead and feed screw cover for lathes
  • Designed for use on small lathes such as Hardinge or Cyclematic machines
  • Covers lead screw completely, protecting it from chip and dirt deposits for longer life
  • Made of high quality spring steel
  • Comes complete with two spring covers, and four mounting brackets


Characteristics & Information

Please note that this safety guard should only be installed by a qualified service technician. The installation process is advanced and requires the lead screw to be removed from the machine for installation. The brackets supplied may have to be modified to fit your machine. In some circumstances custom brackets must be manufactured to fit your machine.


Note: This safety cover will not cover both the feed and lead screws. It has been designed to cover only the lead screw on small lathes. For larger lathes please see our standard lathe lead screw cover model AR. Click here for more information about our model AR safety cover.